Promoting health through partnership

This reflection is about promoting health through partnership. Partnership between services has been noted to be more effective in health promotion because it reinforces relationships not only between government and communities but between nongovernmental agencies as well (Gilchrist, 2006). In DRC, the Ministry of Health has, over the years, promoted its partnership with nongovernmental agencies in several programmes. The recent partnerships include “Village and ecole assainis” and Swift programme. Through this partnership, many health issues have been tackled including the reduction of Cholera and other preventable diseases (Ministere du plan, 2011).  This strategy is supported by Gillies (1998) who says that partnership across the public and private sector and nongovernmental agencies   promotes community health.

The programme “village and ecole assainis” is a national programme for the DRC government and mainly supported by DFID through UNICEF.  The goals of this programme include increasing access to safe drinking water and basic sanitation as well as promoting behavior change in schools and community as whole. The Swift programme has the same goals as the “village and ecole assainis” programme, indeed the two programmes have the same donor: DFID. The difference between these two programmes is that “village and ecole assainis programme” does not operate in urban areas whereas the Swift programme does. The village and ecole assainis programme is implemented almost across in the whole country but the Swift programme is implemented in North- Kivu and Maniema province only. The Swift programme is implemented   in partnership with PPSSP( The Programme for the Promotion of the Primary Health Care), OXFAM and supplemented by monitoring and evaluation of staffs from the division of health of North – Kivu Province whereas in contrast the village and ecole assainis programme is implemented in partnership with UNICEF and the DRC government. For the Swift programme, funding is based on project results whereas the village and ecole assainis programme is not.Télécharger la version complète : Promoting health through partnership Final 1

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